Acerca de Jason: Médico líder y propietario EMDR Capacitado en BCIA Neurofeedback Professional

Esposo, Padre, Líder en el campo de la Salud Mental Adolescente y Especialista en Terapia Familiar y para Adolescentes

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Antecedentes educativos


I've always had an interest in helping people and found that I have a unique talent in doing so. I've also been fascinated by the study of psychology, the brain, research behind the brain/body connection, and the reasons we do the things we do. This guided my educational and professional direction early on.


I earned my bachelor's Degree in psychology from Southwest Texas State University in 2003. I went on in my educational journey and earned my Masters Degree in Community Counseling from St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas. Here I graduated with as a Distinguished Graduate in the top in my class.  

Due to my love of therapy and wanting to help the upcoming generation of new therapists learn the skills and tools necessary to be highly effective, I continued my education at St. Mary's University in their Doctoral program. My emphasis for the Doctoral program was in Counselor Education and Supervision. I completed the Doctoral program pending my dissertation. 

I was also the Chapter President of Chi Sigma Iota which is the International Counseling Honor Society. I served as the Chapter President from 2003-2007. 

Experiencia profesional e historia


Since 2007 when I started practicing as a therapist, I have worked in a wide variety of therapeutic settings. I have always been drawn towards therapeutic settings where I can provide teen therapy and young adult counseling.

The teen and young adult years are some of the most formative years in our lives. This period of time often sets the foundation for success or struggles as we progress through adulthood.

As we progress through adulthood, some of those challenges from earlier life experience can result in personal and interpersonal challenges. Working with adults in individual therapy or couples therapy and marriage counseling can help resolve challenges that stand in your way of happiness and success.

As our emotional and behavioral challenges originate from the brain, I went on to be trained in neurofeedback. I have been providing neurofeedback as a neurotherapist since 2013 and have found it to be a very, highly effective approach to a wide variety of life challenges. Neurofeedback has historically been effective in 85%-90% of the people who try neurofeedback and I have seen these results as well. I have experienced a 90% success rate in my practice. 


Clinical Settings Providing Counseling & Neurofeedback Services


As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I have provided counseling and therapeutic services in the following settings:

  • Facilitated group therapy, individual, and family therapy to court ordered sexual offenders and anger management clients to promote positive change, community safety, and self-exploration.

  • Worked as a therapist in a residential treatment center (RTC) here in Katy, Tx. At this RTC, I provided trauma therapy and PTSD treatment for teen girls and boys who experienced physical, emotional, sexual abuse, and/or neglect. 

    • I also was promoted to the position of Clinical Director at the RTC. Here I continued to provide teen counseling and therapeutic services to the teen girls and boys. I also had responsibility to supervise the clinical work of the other therapists at the RTC. I also was the lead in close collaboration with the psychiatrist for the RTC.

  • I provided therapeutic and counseling services for an Intensive Outpatient/Partial Hospitalization Program for substance abuse and chemical dependency. I provided individual, group therapy, and family therapy as well as managed the overall program.​

  • Most recently, I worked for a well-known and highly regarded group practice here in Katy, Tx from 2013 to 2022. Here I continued to provide teen therapy, young adult counseling, counseling for adults, couples therapy, and marriage counseling, & neurofeedback. 

  • I have been trained in and have provided neurofeedback since 2014 and have found neurofeedback to have a high rate of success. As a result, neurofeedback has been one of my go to therapeutic approaches for teens, young adults, and adults alike. 

Areas of Specialization & Expertise


Working as a therapist and counselor since 2007, this has enabled me to specialize in a variety of areas. I have always been a therapist who continues to develop specialized skills that enable me to be a more effective healer and to better serve those who I am blessed to work with.


Some of the areas that I have been most successful in are as follows:


Práctica avanzada, formación especializada en consejería para adolescentes


Como terapeuta adolescente, consejera de adultos jóvenes y consejera familiar, he tenido la suerte de recibir capacitación especializada. La formación en la que me he involucrado son los enfoques que están respaldados por la investigación. Como tales, tienden a producir cambios a un ritmo más rápido. Desde que comencé mi carrera como terapeuta adolescente, terapeuta de adultos jóvenes y consejera familiar en 2003, he recibido capacitación en los siguientes enfoques, apoyados por la investigación:


También he pasado a realizar prácticas avanzadas, formaciones especializadas. Estas capacitaciones me brindan la oportunidad de llegar a una base más amplia de adolescentes, adultos jóvenes y familias. No existe un enfoque único que sea eficaz para todos los adolescentes, adultos jóvenes y sus familias. El haber recibido capacitación en una variedad de enfoques de terapia para adolescentes, terapia para adultos jóvenes y consejería familiar me permite adaptar la terapia a cada adolescente, adulto joven y familia con la que trabajo.


Además de los enfoques de mejores prácticas que utilizo, también he recibido capacitación y he utilizado los siguientes enfoques de asesoramiento especializado de práctica avanzada:


Aproveche a nuestros especialistas en consejería para adolescentes y terapia familiar en Katy Teen & Family Counseling:

Al servicio de Katy, Tx y Houston


¡No tienes que hacerlo solo! Tengo la experiencia personal y profesional para ayudarlo a navegar por este difícil camino. Desde 2003, mi misión de vida es ayudar a los adolescentes, los adultos jóvenes y las familias que están pasando por dificultades.

Puede evitar la angustia y el dolor innecesarios y hay esperanza y curación a su alcance. Comience hoy y aconsejar a iniciar el proceso de curación de corazones y el fortalecimiento de las relaciones. La consejería para adolescentes, la consejería para adultos jóvenes y la terapia familiar pueden ayudar.

Nuestra oficina está convenientemente ubicada a la salida de la I-10 y la 99 . Para aquellos que viven en Katy, Texas, está a solo unos minutos de distancia. Para aquellos que viven en Houston, Tx, es un par de minutos en automóvil una vez que toman la salida 99 sur en la I-10. Nuestros amables especialistas en adolescentes, adultos jóvenes y familias desean ayudar.

Para iniciar su viaje de asesoramiento, puede seguir estos tres sencillos pasos:

1. Comuníquese con el Departamento de Consejería para Adolescentes y Familias de Katy

2. Reúnase con uno de nuestros expertos en consejería para adolescentes y terapia familiar.

3. Inicie la curación que puede surgir de la consejería. Ahora es el momento de comenzar a restaurar la esperanza, la felicidad y las relaciones familiares conectadas.

 Other Services Offered at Katy Teen & Family Counseling 


At Katy Teen & Family Counseling, we provide other therapeutic and counseling services in addition to teen counseling, counseling for young adults, family therapy, couples therapy, and marriage counseling. Below are some of those counseling services in addition to other therapeutic approaches in treating a variety or struggles :


Call or email Katy Teen & Family Counseling today to schedule an appointment with Amy Galpin, MA, LPC. Amy is also a talented neurotherapist and can help through neurofeedback services. Call today to schedule an appointment with Amy.